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Welcome To The Bishop's Corner, Let's Have A Meeting Of The Minds!!!

Bishop D.D. Lattimore


Bishop Douglas Derrick Lattimore, is the Founder & Senior Pastor of Solo Faith Church organized in March 2020 and recognized as an organization April 17 2024. Bishop Lattimore was call to the ministry at 13  and began preaching. He received his Minister License in the House of God Inc, in 2008 He was later elevated to Ordained Elder in 2013. Bishop Lattimore has served the ministry faithfully as Assistant Pastor many of years. In 2019 Bishop Lattimore was elevated to the office of Ordained Bishop. Following his ordination he was quickly installed a Pastor March 2020 and has carried the work of the ministry forward. Through many of challenges and adversity Bishop Lattimore has consistently remained faithful to the work of the Ministry. In 2024 Bishop Lattimore was Inducted into The College of Sacred Servants.   

Solo Faith Church Inc. is affiliated with 7th Day Global Fellowship. "7DGF" was founded in 2023 as a Fellowship for all denominations to come together once a year to worship Christ, unifying the body of believers.

In 2024 the Lord led Bishop D.D. Lattimore to open a second Solo Faith Church in Concord North Carolina. 

Through God's inspiration, Bishop Lattimore has wrote and published a number of books.

" God Is A Real Estate Agent, "The Seven Laws of Spiritual Greatness

", The Oprah Winfrey Secret, Oprah's Secret To Making Millions", to name a few


Bishop D.D. Lattimore is married to the beautiful and anointed

Lady Wadiyah Lattimore. They are the parents of 7 children.

Lady Lattimore diligently serves alongside her husband

and impels the vision he has for Solo faith Church Inc.

Bishop Lattimore stands on the values of Integrity, Selfless

Service, along with the fruits if the spirit. He also believes its his responsibility and commission by God to preach Solo Faith.    

"Solo" can mean many things...

"Just" Faith

"Only" Faith

"One" Faith

But when we say "Solo Faith", we are saying...


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